Demo Gear Specials

Mipro ACT series Wireless demo systems

These demo systems have seen only light use. Some are like new. Some of these may have been sold so please email for current availability.

New List Coming Soom

Superlux demo mics

Superlux mics

New List Coming Soom

Email me at to buy any of the demo equipment.

Mipro Diversity IEM Wireless

This demo system has seen only light use.

New Wireless In-Ear Monitor System From Mipro

The World's First Diversity IEM

Mipro MI-808R Stereo Wireless Diversity IEM Receiver

This is the world's first DIVERSITY wireless In-Ear Monitor system and has all metal cases. You know what an improvement Diversity reception makes for wireless mics. Now you can get the same quality and freedom from dropouts with your wireless IEM system. Click here to download the brochure on this new system. (1.8 MB)

My normal price on this wireless IEM system with MI-808T Stereo transmitter, and one MI-808R diversity belt pack receiver is $672.00. The Special price for a demo Mipro wireless IEM system is just $537.00 plus $25.00 shipping.

Purchase CSC Special Mipro Wireless IEM system using PayPal. (Confirmed shipping address in USA Only)

To order, email me at Sales@Superlux.US, and be sure to mention you want to buy a demo. I accept all major credit cards and eChecks through PayPal, or you may pay by Money Order sent to the address below.

Mailing address:
Ray A. Rayburn
1716 Main St Ste A #300
Longmont, CO 80501-7413

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